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Thread: Best Test

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    Best Test

    so i am unsure if this was done before and frankly hate forum thread searching because it gives me so many irrelevant results, thus here we are.

    similar to the BOTMs but with the test matches in history.

    everybody has the ability to nominate five tests, two nominations gets a test in the running.

    and then when we're all entered (either when all the posting stops or we get say 64 entrants) we enter the voting stage

    happy voting


    please provide a link to the cricinfo page when nominating if you can, cheers
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    How about Australia versus West Indies 1993.

    4th Test: Australia v West Indies at Adelaide, Jan 23-26, 1993 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

    This is the classic game where Australia almost climbed a mountain to go 2-1 up against the mighty Windies and confirm they had improved from the rabble of the 80's. They lost by one run and had to trundle for a few more years to take the mantle as the worlds best team.

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    Edgbaston 2005

    Richie Benaud's tied test

    Deano's (Greg Matthews') tied test

    Adelaide 2008
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    Pakistan vs Australia 1976 3rd test and the beginning of Pakistan and Imran Khan's rise in international cricket

    3rd Test: Australia v Pakistan at Sydney, Jan 14-18, 1977 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

    Pakistan vs West Indies 1988 1st test

    Pakistan vs India 1999 1st test Chennai

    1st Test: India v Pakistan at Chennai, Jan 28-31, 1999 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

    Australia vs England 2nd test 2005 Edgbaston

    West Indies vs Australia 3rd test 1999

    3rd Test: West Indies v Australia at Bridgetown, Mar 26-30, 1999 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

    One of the best test innings I have ever witnessed
    "This is a clash of strategy. And of methods, culture and politics. This is a new-era rivalry. Not as ancient as the Ashes, or as passionate as India-Pakistan. Two countries that are so different, yet share rampant egotism, high self-opinion and a belief that being born in their country is superior to other births. This brings together a belligerent bunch of brats, bullies and braggers."- Jarrod Kimber

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    1. Aus vs Eng 1877 - The first ever Test - Bannerman's masterclass

    2. Aus vs Eng 1987 - The Centenary Test. Same margin of victory (45) and Hookes 5 consecutive boundaries.

    3. Aus vs WI 1995 - 4th Test at Sabina. Test wasn't close but it was clearly a monumental moment for both countries.

    4. Aus vs WI 1960 - The first ever Tied Test.

    5. Eng vs Aus 1981 - Beefy and Bob's Test.
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    Eng v Aus, 2nd Test, Edgbaston 2005

    Ind v Aus, 2nd Test, Kolkata 2001

    WI v Aus, 3rd Test, Barbados 1999

    Eng v Aus, 3rd Test, Leeds 1981

    Aus v WI, 1st Test, Gabba 1960

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    India vs Aust 7th ODI 2013
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    England v Australia, 1902 Old Trafford (Trumper's 100 before lunch on Day 1, Aus win by 3 runs)
    England v Australia, 1902 Oval (Jessop's 100, England win by 1 wicket)
    England v West Indies, 1963 Lord's ("best ever draw": Cowdrey batting with a broken arm, all 4 results possible at the start of the last over)
    West Indies v South Africa, 1992 Barbados (South Africa return after 22 years and almost pull off a shock win)
    Sri Lanka v Australia, 1992 Colombo (Australia come back to win from nearly 300 behind on first innings)

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    Quote Originally Posted by morgieb View Post
    -snip snop-
    can only do five sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady Slim View Post
    can only do five sorry
    In that case, give me Adelaide 1993, Karachi 1994, Hobart 1999, and the two Ashes Tests. Maybe someone else can have the others...

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    So virtually every Australian Test ever then....

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