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Thread: Indian Cricket Team Meeting

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    Indian Cricket Team Meeting

    Indian Cricket team meeting:
    > All the kids were making lot of noise. Of course
    > it would
    > be wrong to say that everyone was making noise.
    > Sachin,
    > who was sitting on the first bench, was very quiet
    > as
    > usual. Only 2 minutes were left for sir to
    > arrive.
    > At sharp 9, John sir enters the class. Everyone
    > take his
    > place.
    > "Good morning everybody", Sir said.
    > "Good morning Sir", everyone said. Every one
    > except
    > Harbhajan. He was still learning English. "Sat
    > Sri Akaal
    > Sirji". No need to tell who said this.
    > "Ok, today we are going to learn about team
    > spirit", Sir
    > said. "What is timspi rit". Well, it was
    > Harbhajan
    > again! Sir many times felt that he should have
    > completed
    > his English classes before joining this course.
    > In fact
    > some times he felt like joining Punjabi classes,
    > so that
    > he could communicate with Bhaji!!
    > "Beta, it is not timspi rit. It is Team Spirit"
    > he said,
    > trying to control his frustration.
    > "Ok boys, so let's learn something about team
    > spirit.
    > Hey, Parthiv, how many times I have told you not
    > to put
    > your thumb in your mouth. Now you are in big
    > boys. So
    > act like a big kid. And how will you keep wickets
    > if you
    > put your thumb in mouth"
    > Parthiv doesn't pay any attention.
    > "PARTHIV", Sir shouts.
    > "Parthiv, take the thumb out." Sachin says in his
    > too
    > gentle voice. Parthiv immediately takes the thumb
    > out and
    > says - "I will always listen to you. SachinDada,
    > You are
    > my role model"
    > Sachin gives a TVS Victor smile.
    > "Grrrrrr.... I am the only DADA in this team! DO
    > YOU
    > UNDERSTAND?" Sourav dada shouts from the last
    > bench!
    > "Boys, don't fight. Today we are going to learn
    > about
    > team spirit. Harbhajan! Why are you slapping
    > Rahul?"
    > "Sir, he calls me 'Sardar'"
    > "But you are a Sardar, right?"
    > "Sir, but he says - I can bowl well only at 12
    > o'clock.
    > And since 12o'clock is lunch time, I will never
    > bowl well"
    > - Bhaji said very angrily.
    > "Rahul, I always thought you were a quiet guy like
    > Sachin."
    > "But Sir, he calls me 'Tortoise' because I score
    > slowly."
    > "But, they all call u Wall for your perfect
    > defence,
    > right? And you should be proud of it" "I was sir.
    > But
    > now I am not, because they sing a song - 'Rahul
    > Dravid the
    > Wall, Can't hit a single ball'"
    > "Sourav, you are the captain of the side, you
    > should make
    > sure that boys don't fight with each other."
    > "I tried, but they don't listen to me. Some of
    > them still
    > listen to Sachin only." Sourav said dejectedly.
    > "Guys, no more fights. So we are going to learn
    > about
    > team spirit. Team spirit is - playing for the
    > team and
    > not for yourself. Can anyone give me one example
    > of team
    > spirit?"
    > Everybody remained silent and as usual started
    > looking
    > down. "Ok, Nehra, give me a good example of team
    > spirit"
    > "Sir.. I don't know any. But I know a good
    > example of
    > lack of team spirit"
    > "Ok, ok, tell me that."
    > "When Sourav comes near his hundred, he forgets
    > the team's
    > requirement and plays slowly. That is a good
    > example of
    > lack of tam spirit" The whole class laughs.
    > "Grrrr.... In next match Ajit will play in your
    > place.
    > And you will be the water boy" Roars Sourav.
    > "This type of fighting is not good for our team.
    > Anil,
    > you are a senior member of the side. You should
    > take care
    > of the boys. ANIL!!! Why are you looking at the
    > board,
    > look at me."
    > Some children say "Dhapanya, Dhapanya". Everyone
    > laughs.
    > "Sir, I forgot my lenses today."
    > "So you should always keep your spects with you."
    > "But sir, then these people call me 'Dhapanya'.
    > Now I
    > wear lenses, so I am not Dhapanya right?"
    > "Is it? Then why do you call me 'jaadya' even
    > though I
    > have lost my weight" Said angry Dinesh Mongia.
    > Now Ajit joins the fight. " And you call me
    > 'Diwali
    > Dasara' because I give too many runs"
    > Dinesh defends himself, "I said that because you
    > called me
    > 'Navajyot Singh Sidhhu' when I said something
    > without
    > thinking."
    > "Enough of this!!" Said frustrated John Right.
    > "Guys,
    > one thing we have learned today and that is -
    > there is no
    > team spirit in our side. By the way, no matter
    > what
    > happens, you should not call anyone 'Navajyot
    > Singh
    > Siddhu'. That hurts. Now we have learned what
    > team
    > spirit is not. Let us now see what team spirit
    > is?"
    > "Sir I have a shooting for TVS Victor" Sachin
    > said.
    > "And I have to go for Coca Cola" - Said Sehwag.
    > "Hero Honda for me" Sourav.
    > "Jam jam Jammy " said Rahul.
    > One by one every one left the classroom.
    > Only sir and Parthiv Patel were left. Parthiv was
    > waiting
    > for his mom to pick him up. He still has his
    > thumb in his
    > mouth. Sir has anyway given up on this side.
    > "Parthiv, I
    > am going to teacher's room. Don't go anywhere.
    > Your mom
    > will come in few minutes. And don't forget to
    > take your
    > water bag home."
    > Dejected sir went to the teachers' room, called
    > the peon
    > and told him to bring a VRS form!!! -MSN

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    wats a VRS forM? :S

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    parthiv patel sucks his thumb = comedy
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    Great story!
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