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Thread: slippy88

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    Pls ease up on the threads thnx
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    I really think slippy should be doing better. His generically titled new thread making stats are fine for a new poster, but the guy needs to set himself some goals to watch a full test match and simultaneously post on the corresponding tour thread.

    CW's tour thread resources seem to be lacking these days as can be seen from the Windies-Australia thread. I would just like to see guys like slippy make a showdown in a tour thread cause the guy has talent as we have seen on the CC front page.
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    To be fair to slippy, CW has an unusual posting culture in that a large proportion of the chat is in tour threads and not in individual threads in the forum. If you go to other forums a lot you notice that CW is extreme in both the number of replies each thread gets, and in how few new threads are created (given the number of posts made).

    Took me a while to notice this. Maybe slippy hasn't yet.

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