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Thread: David Miller

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    David Miller

    I really think this guy should be doing better, he just seems happy to be playing ipl and ram slam tournament and seems to be going through the motions when he turns up to play 1st class cricket for the Dolphins and his 1st class average of 33 tells a story for me, i would like to seem him work harder in the 1st class game so he can prove to South African selectors he good enough to play test cricket. His one day international and 20 20 international batting stats are fine for a middle order batter but the guy needs to set himself some goals to get a chance to play test match cricket for his country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weldone View Post
    Wow baby, that gave me an orgasmic pleasure!
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    All Prasie to Ajit Bhalchandra Agarkar, the pride of Mumbai, the terminator at Adelaide.
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    I've joined this forum, just so that i can agree with OverratedSanity...

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    South Africa batting resources seem to be lacking these days has this 1st test match against England is showing, i would just like to see guys like David Miller earn his place in the test match team cause the guy is a talent as we have seen in one day and 20 20 cricket.

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    For real, stop making these threads.
    Seriously, take it to the tour thread for stuff like this.
    do you think people will be allowed to make violins?
    who's going to make the violins?

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