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  • Bruce Reid

    4 17.39%
  • Merv Hughes

    8 34.78%
  • Craig McDermott

    8 34.78%
  • Terry Alderman

    2 8.70%
  • Geoff Lawson

    1 4.35%
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Thread: The Late 80s - Early 90s Australian Pacemen

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    The Late 80s - Early 90s Australian Pacemen

    Who among them was your favorite?

    McDermott - 71 tests from 1984-96; 291 wickets at 28.63, striking at 56.9

    Reid - 27 tests from 85-92; 113 wickets at 24.63, striking at 55.2

    Merv - 53 tests from 85-94; 212 wickets at 28.38, striking at 57.9

    Alderman - 41 tests from 81-91 170 wickets at 27.15, striking at 59.8

    Lawson - 46 tests from 1980-89; 180 wickets at 30.56, striking at 61.7
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    Alderman's record outside of England must be absolute ****.

    I'm going for McDermott purely on his conning the current lot to bowl fuller by altering the pitch maps.

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    Merv - combines every obnoxious Australian trait into a hugely likeable larrikin
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    I don't understand how it's not 100% Merv and 0% everyone else.

    Yeah this is exactly when I started getting into cricket. Mike Whitney, Greg Campbell, Tony Dodemaide and Steve Waugh were others that come to mind. And what about all this carry on about Starc bowling 160km/h. Imagine if they had put a speed gun onto Carl Rackemann.

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    Bruce Reid was on the way to becoming one of the great bowlers till injuries curtailed his career.
    Australia would have emerged from the Dark Ages of the 80's a couple of years earlier if he could have stayed fit.
    I think his last series has his best.

    But Merv is my favorite, isnt he everyones?

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    Wish I'd voted for Reid seeing as he has no votes.

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    I actually loved Henry. Under rated operator. But Reid was so good. If only his body was up to it what a champion he could have been.

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    McDermott. Saw him bowl 1992-1994 or so and he carried the Australian attack in that period. I used to love Reid as well. Wish he played more.

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    Reid was actually so good he could have been the GOAT if he'd had a body that worked.

    McDermott became a very good, consistent spearhead in the second half of his career and ushered in Aus's period of dominance.

    Hughes is remembered for his larrikinism more than the fact that he was a high quality pace bowler.

    Alderman- England/everywhere else etc. One bonus point for being a pace bowler/gun slipper combo.

    Lawson- could be exceptional but at times a bit meh.

    Overall McDermott for me, just over Hughes, with a big nod of sorrow towards Reid's lanky frame.
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    Billy the most accomplished, Reid the best, Alderman the best to watch.
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    Billy carried the attack for a while. Merv has better figured than I would have guessed. Alderman in England was brilliant.

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    Voted for Terry. His was the action I most liked to watch.

    Special mention to big Merv who's run-up I liked to watch most!

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