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Thread: Random Cricket Facts

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    Random Cricket Facts

    Someone posted this in another forum, thought it was too good not to share.

    Australia played England in the third test at the WACA in December 2013.

    The opposing captains, Alistair Cook and Michael Clarke, both happened to be playing their 100th Test in that match.

    In his second innings, Clarke got off the mark and moved to two not out. Fairly nondescript.

    However, at that very moment...

    Clarke's career Test record stood at: 100 matches, 7,966 runs, and 26 centuries.

    Cook's career Test record stood at: 100 matches, 7,955 runs, and 25 centuries.

    Combine them.

    Sachin Tendulkar had retired from Test cricket a month earlier. His career Test record:

    200 matches, 15,921 runs... and 51 centuries.
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    Cook's underrated? More effective as a batsman than he is either elegant and eye candy.

    I have little knowledge of Cook's career aspirations, but if he keeps form and wants to play till late 30's, he could play 200 or so tests and be in the reckoning for some records.
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    Yeah I remember hearing that when it happened (or shortly thereafter), I rate Clarke's purple patch higher than the other two, but not Cook overall. I too think he's got plenty of runs left in him
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    July 10th, 2021, London, England, 8.23 pm - Alastair Cook is on a stroll in Hyde Park, getting some alone time before his greatest achievement unfolds in a few hours. His current test tally stands at 15,915 runs. A four and three singles on the morning of the 11th at Lord's will take him ahead of God himself. It's all anyone in England, and India, and even Down Under can talk about. The golden boy of English cricket, the darling of the establishment, is set to crown his glittering career in mythic glory. His heart is thumping even in the cool breeze of the park. He strays off the beaten path, trying to find a semblance of private space, where he could unburden his face of the monkey cap he borrowed from Joe Root. Joe Root, one wonders if he will one day be taking a similar stroll. Cooky rests his arse on a bench, and looks skywards to find stillness in the stars. He breathes a heavy sigh, closing his eyes. That, alas, is his fatal mistake. He is unable to observe a dark figure, wrapped in black from head to toe, much like Alastair himself, veer in from the hedges behind. His sense do, however, register movement, and he swivels his head just in time to meet a flash of silver diving downwards. The razor sharp knife slices through his collarbone, and Alastair lets out a curling scream. He folds on the ground, and watches the specter as he darts back towards the hedges. A mop of curly hair flaps in the cool breeze as he disappears through the tall grass.
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