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Thread: PHT Kaushal: First impressions

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    PHT Kaushal: First impressions

    He has been doing well in FC matches for some time, got a chance against NZ, and got "Baz"ed (but got him out to his credit). Doing pretty well against Pakistan. Big flight, some sharp spin, doosra and arm balls once in a while and bowling wicket taking deliveries. Needs improvement on accuracy though. The eyes resembles that of Murali and comparisons to him is inevitable.

    Your first impressions?
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    I reckon he's gun tbh. Even against New Zealand when he got belted I was really impressed. He's got a pretty unusual release but unlike a lot of the other 'mystery spinners' we've seen emerge of late, his unorthodoxy doesn't actually prevent him from getting the shape of a traditional offie on his stock ball, so I don't think he'll rely on that unorthodoxy as much as some.
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    My first impression is that he'd be a handful, despite getting a bit of a spanking in his debut. Is really attacking, and agree with pretty much everything PEWS said. just that classic 'with some coaching and more international experience...'. Think he'll go great guns and hopefully average 27-32.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    Jeets doesn't really deserve to be bowling.
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    He is quite raw right now. I am not a huge fan tbh. It's not easy for an off spinner. A spinner requires turn but he also requires to pitch the ball consistently at the right spots. They require a lot of bounce as well. Maybe I will change my mind later, but right now, I am not too impressed.

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    Pretty impressive. Should pick up loads of wickets.
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    Wow baby, that gave me an orgasmic pleasure!

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    Love him. Love the way he stands at his mark before he bowls. Love the bound to the crease. Love the amount of rip he gets on the ball.

    Hope he gets 300+ wickets.

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    Seriously needs to be more accurate though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    his unorthodoxy doesn't actually prevent him from getting the shape of a traditional offie on his stock ball

    He scrambles the seam and doesn't get any drift, from what I've seen...

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    Has problems when he tries to change his length. Too many full tosses.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    True, a Duffer "heh" is like 50 likes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duffer View Post
    Has problems when he tries to change his length. Too many full tosses.
    Well known issue with the wrist spun off break. Even Murali had massive issues to get it to drift and drop. It was only after getting side on, and giving up some of his big off breaks he started getting some drift and dip. But never close to what Swann got. Murali was attacking edges as well as the height with his deliveries. (Some hitting gloves and some keeping low). If Kaushal could be more accurate he could do the same.

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