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According to this article, there was a Pro Cricket in the USA which failed to continue over the 1st year. US Pro Cricket was independent of the ICC.

According to this article,

The format of the games were 20 overs a side, similar to Twenty20 cricket. However, there were two major changes from the rules of cricket used elsewhere:

Overs consist of five balls instead of six.
Bowlers could bowl up to five overs each (25% of the total), meaning only four bowlers will be needed rather than five.

Additionally, the league used a "designated hitter" rule, in which teams consist of 12 players, 11 of whom field and 11 of whom bat. This was similar to such rules existing in some domestic List A cricket competitions. All of these changes were designed to shorten the game and produce more aggressive batting, which the league administrators believed would help make the sport more appealing to the US public.

Could you tell me about "domestic List A cricket competitions"?

And how "teams consist of 12 players, 11 of whom field and 11 of whom bat" change the normal Cricket T20? 5-ball over is an obviously big change, but what kind of change?