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Thread: Wrist Fracture ADVICE needed! ASAP please..

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    Wrist Fracture ADVICE needed! ASAP please..

    Hi guys,

    This is my first time using this forum and posting a thread. Im currently 21 years old and here in the UK, the cricket season has pretty much started with my first club game on 2nd May. 5 weeks ago exactly, I was playing 5-a-side football and I was goalkeeping. One of the opponent players struck a fierce shot and although I saved it, the ball hit me flush on the base of my inside wrist on my left hand (Had goalkeeping gloves on). Initially, I played for about another 5 or so minutes until the game ended. It was only then I felt pain and went to the doctors and few days later in which the nurse said I had most likely teared a soft tissue and is probably not too bad as no bones were broken however it did feel like a fracture. (Decided against an xray)

    I didnt actually get a splint and decided to just rest it as much as possible, with ice and elevation of the hand. After 2 weeks or so, I occasionally played fifa 15 on ps3 and it would be a 3/10 pain. 5 weeks forward and the current situation is that It feels ALOT better however i still feel a slight discomfort when "fully" bending my left hand down with my right hand. I have started my cricket training for about a week and a half and I can pretty much bowl fine (Med fast) although abit rusty.

    I just need advice that should I rest my wrist now fully until my first game of the season which is on the 2nd of May to get rid of the other pain as im quite afraid of injurying it again maybe during fielding if the ball hits me. The current pain when bending my left hand fully is about 1.5/2 out of 10. I sense that its still healing and I'd hate to miss the first game as the weather is looking up aswell. But ofcourse I dont want to risk anything.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Less masturbation may help.

    Seriously though it may be worth missing a week or so to make sure it is right or you could come back too early and end up having a few months out.

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    I'd advise a Dr or a physio's advice over a forum's.
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    Get the x ray if possible. That will help you diagnose what's wrong. Then get the treatment. Miss a week or two if that's what it takes. No point risking it and affecting the performance for the whole season. It is still a new season. Get the treatment asap for fast recovery.

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