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Thread: Is Darren Lehmann the best international coach ever?

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    Is Darren Lehmann the best international coach ever?

    Title is a bit of click bait, but I was having this conversation with a mate today.

    I was always a huge fan of Lehmann the cricketer, for a host of reasons. Incredible FC career including 25,000 runs at an average of nearly 60. Unfortunately for him he played his career at that time when spots in the Australian middle order were well and truly occupied by Ponting, Langer, Waugh, Waugh, Martyn etc etc. When Lehmann got his go, he showed he was well and truly test standard. And one of my favourite stories from cricket was Lehmann's apparent willingness to step aside from the team should the selectors wish to get young Michael Clarke into the team permanently, because Lehmann didn't want to see Clarke waste his talent in FC cricket when he should be playing tests, as Lehmann had to do as a younger man. Lastly, I think from memory that Lehmann was a massive support to Ponting when he first took the captaincy, another selfless act from a guy probably more qualified to skipper than Ponting at that point in time.

    Anyway, I just think Lehmann is the ideal coach. Great character who is able to mix humour with seriousness. Probably understands frustration and how to cope with it. Clearly a great "cricket brain", but not someone who trumpets his knowledge. Deals with media really well imo. Is the kind of guy who helps other blokes to gel with each other and appreciate each other. Just spot on for the job at hand.

    Finally, when you think back to early in Clarke's captaincy tenure, when Watson et al got in trouble for the homework and all that other bull**** and pettiness that was going on under Arthur, I think it's clear how influential Lehmann has been within the group, considering we've just clean swept our home summer and won the WC convincingly. CA's best appointment ever as far as coaches are concerned. Long live Coach Boof.
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    Meh. Kirsten's better.
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    Bob Simpson, no?

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    Yeah Boofs done alright I guess........but Peter Moores is clearly the outstanding coach of his generation
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    Bit of an oaf at heart but he's got results out of the team.
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    Right man, right time.

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    Dean Jones was my favourite player.

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    Yes, until Warne takes over. He will really develop the players' thirst for victory to the next level.

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    He is certainly the aussiest coach ever.
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    When was Lehmann more qualified to be captain ahead of Ponting?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    When was Lehmann more qualified to be captain ahead of Ponting?
    I guess in a 'had more captaincy experience' kind of way. Did pretty well at Yorkshire circa-2001 IIRC.

    I don't especially agree, but I can kinda see the weird logic to it.
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    More qualified as a captain, not as a cricketer.

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