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Thread: Yuvraj Singh

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    Yuvraj Singh

    To be honest, I doubt if Yuvraj Singh is a batsman of international quality, Test or ODI. He's got a rather disappointing ODI average, without that Sydney century (where Brett Lee also got some easy runs) and does not have the staying power. His weaknesses against spin are well known, especially to the Australians, who exploited it in the recent ODI series in India which they won. Daniel Vettori has shown up some big weaknesses in his batting. That shot he played to get out against Ervine was silly. So was that slash to get out to a bad Symonds delivery. Yet, he's rated rather highly by experts, especially in ODI's. Which might be obvious, if the ODI specialist bowlers are so weak. But the story is always different agaisnt Test quality bowling, isn't it? I'd like to know how good a batsman he is, according to all of you. Apart from that, we all know he's a very good fielder and a nonsense spinner.

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    His batting seems alright technically, but I think his mental game is his downfall...what I mean by that is he seems to get frustrated easily against tight bowling and decides to lash out, much like Micheal Clarke does......and by doing this, he gets out, as he did against Zimabawe tonight, when all he had to do was play for the ones and twos.....great fielder though....

    And I also think that the commentators are wrong when they say he should be in the test team....his temprament (spelling?) needs work first.

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    daniel vettori= new zealand right?
    when did n zealand play play the aussies and zimbabwe aka ur talking about loose shots he played against these nations?

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    Personally I've thought a lot of Yuvraj Singh ever since I first heard of him.
    He had a disappointing period immidiately after his debut but generally since his recall in the Zimbabwe series of 2001\02 he's been very impressive in ODIs.
    I doubt there's a Test place available any time in the near future but he's always got to be up there in the unlikely even that it does.
    But certainly, as far as ODIs are concerned he's a fixture for me.
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