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Thread: Where does Mitchell Starc rank in ODI history?

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    Where does Mitchell Starc rank in ODI history?

    Sorry for creating another "all time ODI ranking" thread, but I have been wondering where does Starc rank when it comes to the top bowlers in ODI history.

    Recently two threads were created to talk about the best ever ODI players, and Starc got very little, if any, mention. I guess most think it is too early to rank him, but if we look at his achievement, it is something that he himself might find hard to better. Not only did he drive his country to the WC win, in such batsmen favouring conditions, to win the player of the tournament was an amazing feat.

    We usually see the likes of Akram, Garner, McGrath, Pollock, etc when it comes to the best ever ODI quicks, but where would you say Starc fit in with them?

    To remove the problem of his career not being as long as theirs, let's just say, when talking about absolute career peak, and not the longevity, how high do you think Starc's peak was?
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    Starc's been bowling as well as anyone ever has in the history of the game imo

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    Very few have bowled better than he's been recently. No one's ever bowled better in a WC.

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