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Thread: The first ever Ashes and the hallowed sport of cricket!

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    The first ever Ashes and the hallowed sport of cricket!

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Gareth and write about sport's history. I found this forum when researching a piece about cricket and thought i'd get involved!

    I'm not advertising please don't think that but thought I would share what I had written because I'm sure it would be of interest to some of you who absolutely love cricket, particularly cricket history!

    Anyway here it is: The Sporting History Boys: Cricket - The hallowed English sport & the first ever 'Ashes' - 1882. Featuring a bit of the initial growth of cricket from Britain, the first cricketing celebrity W.G. Grace and then that famous test match between England and Australia that led to the "Ashes" legend we have today!

    Hope you enjoy and look forward to chatting cricket!

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    Not a bad effort but remember it's Test not test and a few annoying typos too
    You know it makes sense.

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