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Thread: World Cup 2015 Preview: Pakistan

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    World Cup 2015 Preview: Pakistan

    They are not expected to achieve great things and the pressure of expectations is truly absent. They have some x-factor players. History, however tenuous its connection with this squad, is on their side. They have Misbah. They have Shahid Afridi.

    Without Saeed Ajmal their bowling lacks a control + strike option. Their pace attack is very inexperienced. Their fielding is likely the worst, matched by West Indies to an extent. This squad has almost zero experience in Australian conditions. Their batting can't set a 250+ target and can't chase 200+.

    Players to Watch:
    Ahmed Shehzad
    Misbah ul Haq
    Shahid Afridi

    Group Stage Predictions:
    Lose vs India
    Win vs West Indies
    Win vs Zimbabwe
    Win vs UAE
    Lose vs South Africa
    Win vs Ireland

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    Wrong forum for this - we have a world cup forum you may like to check out.

    In response to your thread

    I think my ranking of teams is
    some gap
    Another gap
    Every other top eight team

    I think Pakistan have a chance of getting into the semi final. That said I would bet 10 to 1 against them winning the semi.

    I don't quite know why Afridi is rated so low as a batsman. I think Pak should have him higher up the order. He seems to be a very intelligent batsman despite being a slogger.

    I would be surprised if Akmal scores any runs he doesn't seem to be thinking clearly at the crease atm.
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