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Thread: Born Before His Time

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    Born Before His Time

    Born Before His Time

    In this feature Martin looks at the life and times of Gilbert Jessop, one of the most exciting cricketers to have played the game
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    Interesting read, the part about his treatment for lumbago was pretty horrifying tstl.

    Seems spectators back then were just as big fans of quick run scoring as they are now.

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    Always a big fan of The Croucher.

    When Gilchrist arrived in test cricket, his rate of scoring obviously lead to me to skite to my friends that another Jessop had arrived, much to their bemusement .

    He must have been tremendous when on song !
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    surely this is one of those moments that areall over best looked onto for sure

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    Can't agree with the headline - franchise T20 bladderers who also bowl some seam up and field well are a dime a dozen now. Playing the way he did in the long format made him special.
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    Great read. And yeah, that part on the lumbago treatment was disturbing.

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