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Thread: Biased Crowds

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    Originally posted by Kent
    I don't know, maybe I'm a little strange in just enjoying slip catches and cover drives and stuff like that. I admit there's a lot of other sports I wouldn't care less about if I couldn't find a reason to take sides and get the emotions going.
    Perfectly normal.. well... I'm the same, dunno whether I'm normal...
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    Originally posted by FRAZ
    What are you talking about Pratyush . I dont believe its you who is writing this . Pakistani players how come had time to turn around and finger banging the crowed rather than concentrating upon the game . I guess One single Pakistani fielder who would have been disturbed by the abusing of the crowd would have said Shut up and thats it .. I really cant believe that this is you Partyush who is giving this statement ...The Indian crowed has a habbit of doing such stupid things and just dont hide the emberrasment by saying some thing nonsense... Just admitt that Indian crowed is mannerless to the opposing teams.......Thats it .
    It was said a few players jeered on the crowd after taking a few wickets which sparked off trouble.

    Indian crowds arent mannerless to the opposition. If you go to see any match in India, they appreciate opposition players/shots. A lot of people though, get incensed with their own team and tha s unsporting but not biased against the opposition.

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    its funny that when teams play pakistan in england then it seems like they're playing in lahore. theres so many of them!

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    If fans showed no bias at all, a game between Pakistan and India would just be another game.
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    Originally posted by Pratyush
    Eden Gardens ahs a bad reputation of having biased crowds but from experience I can say thats not true.

    We appreciate the opposition but most of the poeple get flustered when they see India not performing as they can potentially. The crowds at Eden are very knowledgeable and not biased.

    In 1996, people were wrong to throw bottles when Azhar looked like throwing his wicket away which was pretty wrong on the part of Eden crowd.

    When Pakistan toured India, I coudlnt go to see the test match where people again created trouble due to exams. But from the accounts I hear from many people on the ground, some Pakistani players were abusing at the crowd which sparked trouble.

    People forget just a year after 1996, India was crushed by South Africa in a test by the hugest margin of defeat India has ever faced. Yet no crowd trouble happened.

    In the 1960s too Sobers speaks of crowd trouble in the Eden when they burnt down stadium. I would say the crowd is very passionate and sporting. They have just gone over the top some times and that doesnt reflect biased behaviour.
    i also remember that the india fans called Inzamam a fat potato in panjabi

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    Originally posted by imranrabb
    i also remember that the india fans called Inzamam a fat potato in panjabi
    Wasn't that in Toronto? I remember an incident when a spectator riled Inzi so much that he picked up a bat and climbed into the stands to whack him..

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