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Thread: Why not Test cricket in Gibraltar?

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    Why not Test cricket in Gibraltar?

    We all know it gets cold in England in the winter and dark very early. Wouldnt it be great if England could squeeze in an extra Test without condensing the FC calander and tap into the revenue from the English supporters to travel the globe to watch England play?

    Why not play an annual Test in Gibraltar in October? It is a British overseas territory, in October it has a climate slightly warmer and slightly drier than Manchester in July. It would be good for ECB coffers, cricket on the continent and Gibraltar tourism.

    Work on the cricketing infrastructure would be required but that isnt insurmountable. A FC standard grass wicket would be needed and a full time groundsman installed. These though are easily solvable problems.

    So there we go - The annual Gibraltar Test in October.
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    See a lot of problems with this tbh. Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

    If it were to happen I expect it'd be in the UAE first. I'm guessing that it being a British territory doesn't really mean that the ECB have closer ties to the place than they do to anywhere else abroad.

    I'm also kinda struggling to see who would want to play the one-off Test. It's either a step backwards for teams like Bangladesh who could at least get two tests in May, or it'd be a step forward for teams like Ireland and Scotland who would far rather play a match either home or away in the British Isles.

    In any case, I think international cricket needs more of an off season rather than less.
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