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Thread: Vale Phillip Hughes

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    And smalishah's avatar is the most classy one by far Jan certainly echoes the sentiments of CW

    Yeah we don't crap in the first world; most of us would actually have no idea what that was emanating from Ajmal's backside. Why isn't it roses and rainbows like what happens here? PEWS's retort to Ganeshran on Daemon's picture depicting Ajmal's excreta

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    Vale Phil Hughes

    Every now and then something transcends the game, petty nationalistic prejudices and leaves you bereft. Today is such a day with the passing of The Prince, Phil Hughes at only 25. Feel free to leave tributes here.

    Given the overwhelming response following his injury, there's no need to ask everyone to remain gracious, is there?
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    God that's sad. So fxxxing random, play that shot 100,000 times and nothing bad would happen....

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    Terrible news. Was confident he would recover. So sad. No words.

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    I'm normally good at finding positives about any situation but I'm struggling here. RIP
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    True, a Duffer "heh" is like 50 likes.

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    My heart just dropped. Jeez I didn't think this would actually happen.
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    I'm in tatters. RIP.

    Forever The Prince.
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    The death of any cricketer is tragic, but there’s that extra edge of poignancy about Phil’s death – as even casual cricket observers shared his journey, were on his roller coaster ride, with him

    Debuting at just 20, scoring back-to-back hundreds in his debut series against the best attack in the World in their back-yard…only to get dropped months later

    That was a microcosm of his brilliant, hot and cold international career

    That it all ended as he was just about to resume in the international theatre makes it even more sad

    Phil Hughes – forever young

    You will be missed
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    Would have played 100 tests and plenty more.

    RIP, can't remember a more tragic day in the history of the game.

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    ***RIP THE PRINCE***
    Nice post howard..........Bloke should be preparing for his comeback test right now. Life really can be a ****.


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    A genuine tragedy. RIP.
    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    I can think of a list of Sydney Grade posters who would contribute a better average post than Bahnz.
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    I've never met the guy but this is incredibly distressing. Just shocked and saddened in a way I've never been for the death of a public figure.

    Rip Phil. Cruelly taken from the world far too young.
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    Remembering The Prince - 63*
    After he only got two games in 09, I've always been nervously waiting for him to finally explode against us. And then he played a blinder in the first Test last year and it seemed to be just around the corner, only for him to be scapegoated again. Obviously we will never know now but he was still so young that I firmly expected it.

    Who can forget the excitement round these parts after his Saffa slaying, and domination of county cricket

    Bags of talent and cricket is poorer for never seeing it fulfilled, but the real tragedy is a bloke who, to me (and forget anything I've said in match threads because I spout **** about the opposition constantly), came across as a down to earth fella, having his life shortened. His family must be going through complete hell and my thoughts go to them.

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    Is this CricketWeb's greatest poster in the short history of the forum?
    Phillip Joel Hughes.

    What can anyone say at a time like this? I sit here inconsolable, I can't imagine what his family and Sean Abbott are going through.

    The Prince was a man too talented for this world. But if you ever spoke to him, or even heard him speak, you would have little idea that he possessed such immeasurable abilities. That was the true mark of the man, his humbleness. He was the salt of the Earth.

    I only shared the field with him a couple of times, but he had that presence that only the true talents have. I'd sit there transfixed as he wielded his bat like a magic wand. His energy was infectious, he'd be the sort of bloke I would have loved to shared a dressing room with.

    His loss is nothing short of a sporting tragedy. The fact he was so young. So talented. So driven and so humble. I suppose we can take solace in the fact that he crammed a hell of a lot in those 25 years. 26 first class centuries.

    I'm hurting today just like his friends and family would be.

    I'll sum up by quoting a small piece of Peter Lalor's wonderful article published in The Australian a day or so ago:

    Four weeks ago we chatted in the UAE after the first Test. Alex Doolan looked an unlikely selection for the next match and I suggested to Hughes he was a fair chance to replace him. He wouldn't have a bar of it. It annoyed him that anyone would question Doolan's place in the side. He didn't want to get into the team if it was on those terms. "I've been treated like that too many times myself to want to see anybody else get dropped in these circumstances," he said. And "Dools is my mate" he added.

    Only the good die young.

    RIP The Prince. We'll always love you. Thanks for the joy you have given us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    God I feel sick.

    Deepest condolences to his family and friends and anyone on here who might have known him.

    This is just really really shocking.
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