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Thread: First ICC Test Rankings

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    First ICC Test Rankings

    Bit of a weird question, but does anyone know how the ICC worked out its ratings for the first time (back in 2003)?

    From what I understand, the current ranking system commenced in June 2003, but I want to know what it was based off considering the rating a team gets is based in part on their opponent's ranking. What was the baseline for this calculation back in 2003? How did they then calculate them histortically?

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    You'd imagine it wouldn't take that long to simply work them out retrospectively. It's points based, so just have everyone start from zero for their first Test.
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    Was there not some sort of Wisden rankings before hand?

    IIRC England were the worst side in the world when they lost to New Zealand in 1999.

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    I actually preferred the old system which was much more simple than this bull****.

    You get two points for a series victory, one point for a series draw and zero points for a series loss - you play home and away and ultimately those who have the most points in a series basis win. It was very simple and aided teams playing frequently because IIRC if you hadn't played the other side for four years, the points would completely drop ( i.e Australia wouldn't have any points for Zimbabwe )

    The new system taking into account mathematical complexities, apparent rankings and such doesn't really give us any real difference except to say teams can now get more points from drawing with much higher ranked teams, also the swings and roundabouts in one to two series are too massive - Australia being #1 again last year for instance when they've had a terrible run in cricket of late.

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