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Thread: Vernon Philander-Should he still be in the test team?

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    Vernon Philander-Should he still be in the test team?

    Thing is,I've had this thought for a while now,even before his choke today in the champions league.If you look at his figures in his last 4 or 5 matches they are atrocious and it seems he is living off his first year in test cricket.I may be too harsh here as those matches were on sub continent pitches,but there's no doubting the guy has declined in performance.

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    Still averages a fair bit less than Steyn at Test level. Has an awful lot of credit in the bank so would need to continue his inadequate performances for the next 12 months or something.

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    Yes. /thread.
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    He absolutely should still be in the team, but there's no doubt that there's been a pretty significant slide in his outputs in the last year. I wonder if it's mainly due to spending a lot of that time bowling in very good batting conditions. He doesn't swing the ball that much, and his pace is barely above medium, so maybe he's disproportionately affected by docile batting conditions with low bounce and no movement. Either way, I suspect he'll be back to filling his boots during the upcoming home series v WI.
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    Has had a pretty bad patch, but as morgieb says, he has plenty of credit in the bank.

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    Philander is pretty mediocre when he's not getting much from the surface as we saw in SL for example, but his output in the UAE and as a batsman (not to mention how he goes in helpful conditions) are absolutely enough to keep his spot very safe
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    Given south africas pace bowling reserves, all three quicks have to be given very short leashes.

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    You give leeway to guys who are pretty much world class though

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    No comment.

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