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Thread: Start of a new set of questions

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    Nope doesn't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ike View Post
    I still don't know what the "lol Jonny Bairstow" reference means.

    As for Steven Smith, is TPC a forum thing only? I did a lot of googling and couldn't find the phrase anywhere in relation to him. And 17 pages for a picture thread? Wow. But I can see why Aussies would like him.
    Jonny Bairstow just isn't very good -- he finds some incredible ways to look utterly useless at Test level (that weird catch he hit to short mid on being one, getting bowled by straight balls at random etc.). I mean, he should, for all intents and purposes, actually be quite decent given his First Class career. But he just isn't.

    TPC is definitely a forum-only thing (though we have some very weak evidence that another New South Wales player may have somehow come across it and joined the bandwagon).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Honestly if Dan isn't the greatest living creature on Earth, he is only second behind Luggage.

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    Yeah that Akram set up is just astounding.

    another easy to find amazing ball is the Steyn outswinger to Michael Clarke. It's all over youtube. Batsman did nothing wrong whatsoever. Just unplayable.
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    Thanks for all the further comments and info. I spend a lot of time thanking, but you guys spend a lot of time sharing great information!

    OS, I appreciated the video of the seamer 'ball of the century', although I couldn't appreciate it nearly as well as Warne's. I think the movement differences of pace bowlers is much more subtle than for spinners, and I've just not achieved the 'fine sight' to realize exactly what's happening nearly as well. But that's why I keep watching cricket and asking questions!

    Also thanks for clarifying the match you referred to. I've ordered Calypso Summer, and I believe that will tell me a lot about the series.

    Thanks to Hendrix for mentioning Steyn to Michael Clarke. I found it here: Unplayable delivery by Dale Steyn to Clarke at WACA, 1/12/2012 | Cricket Clips . That one was a bit easier to appreciate (for me) than Wasim's.

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    Look up Steyn to Pujara. I guarantee that's easier to appreciate than the one to Clarke. Starts outside off, looks as though it's going down leg, swings back crazy and hits in front of middle.

    Can't find a good enough video of it, but here's Steyn to Harbhajan in the same spell.

    Dat outswing
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    Ooh is this a fave deliveries thread now

    I got a new heart, got a new heart, got a new artificial heart

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    I admit, the best thing about that particular clip is the score

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