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Thread: My first time playing cricket, sort of. Prequel to more questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    How is that, umpire? -> How's that -> howzat -> owzaa -> zaaaa -> aaaaaaaaa
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    Thanks once more for the responses. As for using a red leather ball, before we started, I told my boys that we could throw or bowl it, but not to a batsman. I was concerned about injury in advance. However, after we had played some 20 overs with the hardened tennis balls, I realized, 1) we can't bowl that hard; 2) no ball had come close to hitting any of us; 3) the 'pitch' wasn't very hard at all. So we tried it for a few overs. We didn't have to worry. Any ball bowled short was a no ball,since it was rolling on the ground by the time it reached the popping crease. Those bowled long still didn't rise above the ankles after pitching. It also showed that on a 'made up' ground such as we had, there was no point in trying to play with a leather ball; the hardened tennis balls made for a much more realistic game. That said, there was one almost dangerous play. I was mostly keeper, and with the tennis balls I had gradually moved to standing up, as I realized the balls weren't being bowled that fast. That's how I got my two stumpings. For the leather ball, I played well back. Anyway, one ball was skied behind (proper terminology?), and I had to run up to try to catch it. I did get my hands on it, but the spin on it was very strong. It hit my right hand on the outer edge of the palm, and spun away before I could close my hands on it (dammit!). Anyway, if it had spun toward my face, it could have been nastly.

    And did we try to spin the ball? Of course! And of course, all three of us sucked at it. But, we were no good as seamers either, so nothing lost. There were two problems: first, we don't really know how to spin. We basically used our baseball knowledge, and used a 'curveball' grip, plus finger pressure (baseball also often twists the wrist during delivery, but I don't think that is standard in cricket). Even if we could spin, the 'pitch' was very irregular, uneven dried mud basically, so a good spinning delivery would probably have been disguised by the pitch anyway. But it was all fun!

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