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Thread: A Short History of Mankading

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    A Short History of Mankading

    A Short History of Mankading

    by Martin Chandler

    With Mankading back in the news after last week's incident involving Joss Buttler we take the chance to look at the history of this controversial mode of dismissal.


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    I don't think the spirit of cricket exists at international level. Certainly does at club level. But I don't accept that you can call a guy a **** for 8 hours and then insist you have played the game within the spirit it was intended. At least Mankadding visibly and more honestly violates the code rather than more insidious practices.

    I had a chance to mankadd a player in a game. He was backing up way too far. I warned him once but he blew me off. It was a goodwill friendly tournament. So I had a think about it. And told the umpire to warn him as I was going to do it next ball if he wandered again. The umpire wanted to laugh me off as well but decided to take me seriously and issued said warning and all was resolved.

    After the game I lost my ticket to the beer tent and was skint. So I appealed to the tournament organiser and he gave me a free ticket - which he may not have done had I have handled myself differently 3 hours earlier.
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