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Thread: How Grizzly Took His Chance

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    How Grizzly Took His Chance

    How Grizzly Took His Chance

    As England's selectors look around the counties for their number three for this summer's Tests, let us hope they manage to find a man like Clive Radley

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    Top stuff from DT there.

    A player who, to my shame, I hitherto knew next to nothing about. Public service articles ftw!
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    If I remember rightly, it was Clive Radley and Brian Rose who contested Bob Woolmer's spot once Woolmer had defected to WSC. He was a solid compact batsman who, despite first impressions, was pretty good to watch overall.
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    Thanks to the commentors for the correction and additional info. It could be argued that he took advantage of a couple of mediocre opponents, but you can only play what's in front of you - and his domestic record suggests that he'd have done OK against stronger opposition as well.

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