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Thread: Sex and Drugs and Rock n' Roll

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    Sex and Drugs and Rock n' Roll

    Sex and Drugs and Rock n' Roll

    Gareth Bland recalls England's controversial tour of New Zealand in 1983/84.

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    Article needs more sex drugs and rock and roll . Good article.
    I got great enjoyment shouting "WHY THE **** ISN'T THIS GAME BEING PLAYED AT THE BASIN?!>!?!?" to reasonably significant cheers from the sparse crowd
    one day NZ will bring chappell to his knees in a puddle of his own tears and you'll see Phlegm on his belly greedily tasting every delicious tear before watching the hope fade from that old ****s eyes.
    Overrated XI Warner, Burns, Steve Smith, Rahane, Bairstow, Alecz Day, Donovan Grobelaar, Luke Ronchi, Faulkner, Dan Christian, Permaul

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    id be careful google adsense doesnt have a problem with the title of this thread
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    I just love all kinds of balls.

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