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Thread: Rank your country's commentary team

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    International Debutant salman85's Avatar
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    Ramiz 8/10.
    I like him.,but he tries so awfully hard to sound not biased when Pakistan play,it's appalling.It's fair to say that he is biased towards being biased.Other than this,he's pretty good IMO.Never dull, always sounds fresh and makes the match pretty enjoyable.

    Amir Sohail -1/10
    Yes.That's a negative 1.Worst commentator ever.Needs a new set of vocal chords, a new brain, and a LOT less hate towards every cricket administrator in the country to become even remotely good.

    Wasim 6/10
    Poor english grammar.Makes some glaring errors at times,which IMO is a complete no for any commentator.He generally talks sense, and his insight is always interesting, but the grammatical errors ruin it for me.

    Chishty Mujahid 6/10.
    Very knowledgeable,knows Cricket,knows history,but he gets into every tedious detail in the field which is obviously down to his days as a radio commentator.He was an excellent radio commentator, but i don't think he's fit for TV.

    Waqar Younis 6/10
    Same as Wasim.Problems with Grammar.

    Imran 5/10.
    Only commentated a few matches,and i couldn't help but feel that he is more suited for the post and pre match analysis (which he did quite a few off in the last few years,and they were very enjoyable), not someone commentating on the live action.

    Shoaib Akhtar has become a regular on the media these days,and it's pretty safe to assume that he will start commentating soon.However his English accent is pretty poor,and the grammar is worse than Wasim.If he can work on these two things,i think he'll make a very good commentator.Till then,he should stick to commentary/analysis in Urdu.
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    The Tiger King smalishah84's Avatar
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    I see that your stint with the column writing seems to be rubbing off in your writing
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    And smalishah's avatar is the most classy one by far Jan certainly echoes the sentiments of CW

    Yeah we don't crap in the first world; most of us would actually have no idea what that was emanating from Ajmal's backside. Why isn't it roses and rainbows like what happens here? PEWS's retort to Ganeshran on Daemon's picture depicting Ajmal's excreta

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    The channel 9 commentary team in Australia has been going steadily downhill IMO. Now that Tony Greig is gone their performance can only be described as lifeless.
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    Elton Chicken Burrah
    8 for Ramiz?

    I've found him worse than Waqar and Wasim tbh... Atleast the W's ate extremely knowledgeable about swing bowling and several times can provide interesting technical insights. Ramiz just has better grammar but says nothing interesting. He suffers a bit from Bhogle syndrome... Speaks a lot, says very little

    Agree with the rest though
    Quote Originally Posted by weldone View Post
    Wow baby, that gave me an orgasmic pleasure!
    Quote Originally Posted by ajaagarkarajaaja View Post
    All Prasie to Ajit Bhalchandra Agarkar, the pride of Mumbai, the terminator at Adelaide.
    Quote Originally Posted by VoL View Post
    I've joined this forum, just so that i can agree with OverratedSanity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJS View Post
    Once you have been in a position for long it is assumed that you are very good thus although everyone else around the world can see how terrible you are. Conversely, those who are dropped by the wayside are quickly forgotten and no one amongst the masses wants to bat for them. This again applies at all levels, in cricket most of all to the players themselves. Power, position and money in our country are synonymous with quality and class. .
    I don't think that's unique to India per se.

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    Another masterclass that I heard in a ranji trophy match, don't know who the commentator was, "it does not matter how they come as long as they come." Wow
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    Wrong Time No See.

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    The Tiger King smalishah84's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by karan316 View Post
    Another masterclass that I heard in a ranji trophy match, don't know who the commentator was, "it does not matter how they come as long as they come." Wow
    isn't this a pretty common phrase?

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    Request Your Custom Title Now! OverratedSanity's Avatar
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    Elton Chicken Burrah
    Quote Originally Posted by smalishah84 View Post
    isn't this a pretty common phrase?
    If you're talking about an orgy, yeah

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    Bhogle: Very good hosting skills but nothing more than mediocre inside the box. To his credit, one of the most sharp-witted commentators around... he usually comes up with quick responses and argues for his stand (provided he has one) in a gentle, subdued manner. Would have been a 8 on my scale of 10 a few years back but the BCCI payroll has made him less of a commentator and more of a salesman. 6/10

    Shastri: Makes tosses and presentation ceremonies unbearable to watch with his loud rants. Jingoistic BCCI- yes boy. Time to buy him a new cliche-cookbook too. 0/10

    Sunny: Very India-centric but I do not mind him much tbh. He atleast makes you listen when he's on about some funny anecdotes from his playing days. Quite often find him having two on-air modes, one of them is the serious and the insightful type and the other is the Shastri-esque version. 5/10

    Ganguly: Do not rate him as much as some of the other guys do here. Good verbal skills and a mild voice but he tends to be overtly repetitive at times. Also has a habit of jinxing. Has quite a lot of room for improvement though. 4/10

    Dravid: Speaks less but is worth listening to when he does. Full of insight on batting techniques, on how to counter swing, whether to take a wider stance or not, and basically everything else that's important about batting. Good analyst. 7/10

    Manjerekar: High on my respect list for his outright straightforwardness and unbiased views. Has improved a lot from the time when I first heard him on-air. I'm glad he hasn't gone down the way of becoming a BCCI boot-licker. 8/10

    Kapil: The language is a barrier. Could do with a little more insight rather than bringing himself down to the levels of the man he's sitting next to (which usually is Sidhu when he's doing the Hindi feed)
    Overall, do not see him as an ideal commentator material. 3/10

    Sidhu: Pathetic is the only word that comes out. Even that's an understatement. 0/10

    Sivaramakrishnan: Would have been the worst commentator on the planet had it not been for Jayasuriya and Aamir Sohail -1/10

    Laxman: About as good as the man above. One of my top favourites as a cricketer but I don't want to see him anywhere near a commentary box. -1/10

    Wilkins: Remarkably good as a host. A commentator's voice. Isn't available most of the times though due to his tennis and golf assignments. Good knowledge of the game too. 7/10

    Kumble: Hasn't done much of commentary but his baritonic voice should suit him for the job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morgieb View Post
    For Channel 9:

    Richie Benaud 6.5 - the doyen of the game, cricket won't feel the same once he's gone. Most inoffensive on the box, but he's been pretty much part-time since I started really following cricket, and he doesn't add that much.
    Bill Lawry 5 - meh. You know what you get with Lawry, and you deal with it. At least he has a clear love of the game, which is more than what we can say about a lot of people (yes, I'm talking about you James Brayshaw)
    Ian Chappell 6 - mixed. Probably the best eye of the game in the box but can come across as a dick and is biased (though in a different, less offensive way to most of the comm box).
    Mark Taylor 7.5 - probably the best of the 'regulars', doesn't say anything dumb and has a decent grasp of the game. Not outstanding or anything, but solid.
    Ian Healy 5 - much improved (maybe Greig's death means he's toned down the biasness), but his insights still aren't that great.
    Shane Warne 4 - actually gives good insights, but talks overly in cliches. Patchy.
    Mark Nicholas 6 - meh. Don't really understand why he seems to be hated, in general he seems pretty good. Maybe I need to watch non-Test matches though.
    Michael Slater 5.5 - somewhat over-rated. Can't really say why but he kinda annoyed me, probably because he talks so much.
    James Brayshaw 2 - urgh. Doesn't add anything and is too blokey. Stick to footy!
    Brett Lee 4.5 - meh. Largely focuses on the Cricket Show, isn't much of a commentator IMO.
    Glenn McGrath 2 - **** voice, and doesn't add much. Not a fan.
    Michael Hussey 7 - early days, but he seems pretty good. Talks too fast though IMO.
    In addition:

    Tom Moody 5 - boring voice. Isn't bad but not the sort of guy you'd want to listen to.
    Michael Vaughan 6 - don't think he's a full time commentator for 9, but I have NFI who he actually works for now so I'll count him anyway. Is surprisingly good IMO, I expected him to be another Botham but he actually delivers alright insights and is generally fair.

    Want to be the online Don Bradman or Ian Salisbury?
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    I've really enjoyed Vaughan as a commentator on both BBC and the little that I've seen on Nine.

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    I fall asleep to Neil Wagner's roars
    Quote Originally Posted by Beamer View Post
    They also chose to invite the correct West Indian commentator in Ian Bishop.
    Just you wait until we send you Danny Morrison and Craig McMillan for the return series

    I've really enjoyed Bishop as well. The invited commentator can be a bit of a lottery at times since the home broadcaster always seems to find the one bloke who is so bad they irritate both home and opposition fans, but Bishop has been awesome. It's good having a fellow quick Doull can talk shop with too for a change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bahnz View Post
    I need u like Henry Nicholls needs batting school
    He was terrible in that series
    I need u like Ross Taylor needed to be fit
    He's way better than Henry Nicholls
    And now all I can think about is your smile
    and that ****** test series too
    Losing to Australia sucked and I miss you
    Proudly supporting Central Districts
    RIP Craig Walsh

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    Warne is a flat out tosser. I really can't stand listening to him.
    Quote Originally Posted by G.I.Joe View Post
    Red Hill is the best philosopher the great on the forum.

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    Hall of Fame Member morgieb's Avatar
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    How cliched was my first post. Nowadays......

    Nicholas 7 - I don't have any beef with him. Good commentator, doesn't get sucked into irrelevant bull**** and also adds a touch of class to the call. Might well be the best on Nine today.
    Chappell 6 - probably the only one on Nine who's interested in cricket which doesn't involve Australia, which is obviously a plus. Offers the best insights of the box and is interesting to listen to. Voice is a bit dour though and he can be very negative and dickish.
    Hussey 6 - is pretty good. Not anything special but does at least run with the play and avoids the boysy sort of banter. I don't think he has the right sort of voice for commentary though, but that might be harsh.
    Lawry 6 - doesn't commentate much anymore. A shame because when he still does he is very enjoyable to listen to. Unlike some has an obvious love for the game. You won't get a particularly detailed analysis into the game with him unlike say Chappell or those on Sky, but his call is a lot better than the new generation.
    Lee 6 - unlike some I actually don't mind him, with fast bowling at least he definitely knows his stuff and is actually worth listening to. Like Hussey though his voice seems odd, but whereas Hussey it more sounds like he's a little too young, Lee sounds kinda illiterate. Worse than Taylor's IMO, who isn't exactly a very good speaker himself.
    Taylor 5 - he can depend on who he's calling with. I think when he sticks to basics he is fine and in the right combo he is pretty good, but when he's with people he played with he falls into that whole "dad at a frat party" crowd. Voice still can be pretty bad too. Very much a mixed bag.
    Moody 5 - overly dour for my tastes, his voice could send any insominac to sleep. Not really bad but pretty meh on the whole. It doesn't help that he doesn't commentate a lot though, would prefer him to some.
    Slater 3 - cringeworthy. In the right setting and when David Warner isn't batting he isn't horrible, but even then he's fairly forgettable. Way too easily goes down to the level of the rest of the team though, especially when he's commentating with people he played with. No, your dad at a frat party shtick is not interesting or funny, and it can **** off.
    Brayshaw 3 - I just don't see the point in him. He doesn't add real insights to the game, nor is he interesting to listen to in a way that can give the call class. He's less annoying than some but he really isn't a cricket commentator....particularly in Tests.
    Healy 2 - no idea why I liked him a few years back. Biased as a cut snake and is overly negative about anything that isn't Australia. Best thing I can say about him is that he has more focus on the cricket than some.
    Warne 2 - the sad thing is that he definitely knows something about the game. But is just far too interested in irrelevant bull**** and is just an utter tosser in the box. A really awful commentator these days. Only redeeming feature is that in the right circumstances he still can sound alright.
    McNamara -1 - worst commentator of all-time. Not only does his call suck, he is also pretty much 100% responsible for the whole direction of Nine. I mean Slater and Warne were highly regarded when they first started commentating, Brayshaw works well in other sports and even Healy was apparently decent when off Nine. If they sacked him as the Director of Cricket I reckon the call would be 100 times better.

    As for Ten:

    Ponting 8 - excellent caller. Not only is it clear that he still genuinely enjoys the game, he also actually offers very valuable insights towards the game, more than what we can hear from Nine and he's calling T20 rather than Tests! People should hire him ASAP.
    Gilchrist 8 - also very good. Passionate, good bloke and offers a lot of class with the mic.
    Fleming 7 - offers strong insights into bowling and is a bit of a natural with the mic anyway. Not quite as good as the other two but above most on Nine and in other parts of the world.
    Waugh 5 - like Ian Healy, but actually funny on occasion and works well enough with the rest of the team. Bit of a wanker but is entertaining rather than cringeworthy.
    Maher 5 - meh. I think given it's T20 him being bland is nothing to really get offended about and doesn't go too badly with the style that Ten is going for. Wouldn't want him calling Tests though.

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    Chappell: 10 - A god among men, I always look forward to his stints in which it takes him 0.00033 seconds to go on his long run, his rants last summer against Dhoni were particularly gripping. A grump no doubt, probably pays the most attention to cricket apart from Nicholas beyond the Australian team. His funny tales are also so great my sides split each time.
    Nicholas: 7.5 - Best of the trash, seems to have genuine interest in the game beyond the Australian team. Just seems really odious and in love with his own voice trying to wax lyrical all the time, not to mention that Mugabe quote that always gets me.
    Hussey: 7.5 - Tediously boring at times but offers good insight when called upon. An extra point for bullying Slater earlier this summer and being the only one to be cynical of WinViz.
    Taylor: 5 - An engima, not bad when he puts in the effort but the rest of the time is cracking dreadful injokes and reminds me of a father going through a middle age crisis trying to learn how to be cool again.
    Moody: 5 - So boring I can't really remember anything to hold against him.
    Healy: 1 - Insufferable whether he's bandwagoning or whining when Australia get the short end of the stick. Occasionally listenable on keeping issues but even there he's becoming tedious.
    Lee: 0 - Childish and tedious to listen to, no good traits.
    Slater: 0 - I hear he was once a decent commentator, I refuse to believe this. Childish, impossible to listen to and one of the bigger bandwagoners on the team. Can think of a few expletives that would better describe him.
    Brayshaw: 0 - Literally the most annoying, irritating, disgusting, awful, revolting, stomach-turning, unbelievable, sickeningly **** commentator this corner of the galaxy. Must always speak and as a result says nothing, his voice alone is inappropriate for TV. I'm 100% convinced he, along with McNamara is responsible for the progressive dumbing down of the commbox.
    Warne: 0 - My hatred for the foul ghoul that abducted Warne upon his retirement, murdered him, skinned him then has proceeded to wear his skin for the last 7 years is unending. Has all the worst traits of the Channel 9 team built into one horrible monstrosity that even Frankenstein himself would rather euthanize than let live.

    The Channel Ten blokes all get 6/10, intensely better than most of 9 but they sound like children.

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