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Thread: One for PEWS, and whoever else might be that way inclined

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    One for PEWS, and whoever else might be that way inclined

    Being a sad old git I'm a member of the ACS, who have a fairly inactive forum. I have never participated in it and have no interest in doing so but I can't work out how to turn the email notifications off, and just occasionally they do have some relatively interesting discussions, and this is the OP from one of those. I'd be interested to know what Cribb's view is on this, which is surely along the lines of "nice idea but its bollocks", and indeed anyone else's opinion

    In the last few years bowlers have started saluting the crowd after they take 5 wickets in an innings and 10 wickets for the match.

    These are two statistical milestones recorded for bowlers, while for batsmen it's 50s and 100s.‚ I always felt as though a 5 wicket haul was harder to achieve than a century.

    This led me to wonder, how many runs is 5w/i and 10w/m worth?

    In order to calculate this I decided to find the total number of 5w/i and count the equivalent highest scores by batsmen‚ For instance, in Test matches there have been 2,695 5w/i and the 2,695th highest batting score in an innings is 110. Using this method 5w/i is the equivalent of 110 runs.

    I used the same method for all instances of 5 or more wickets in an innings and came up with the following table:

    wkts/inns count runs/inns

    10 2 380
    9 17 319
    8 88 244
    7 353 196
    6 1022 149
    5 2695 110

    I did the same thing for 10w/m and came up with 214 runs‚ Using this method for all instances of 10 or more wickets in a match I came up with the following table:
    wkts/match count runs/match

    20 0
    19 1 456
    18 1 456
    17 2 426
    16 5 380
    15 12 354
    14 22 336
    13 49 301
    12 99 270
    11 221 237
    10 398 214

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    Interesting but really inconsistent with potentially multiple tables. Maybe someone could produce an average table?
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    I guess if you worked out the average completed first innings score by teams over say the last 20 years, and then divided that by ten, and then multiplied that by 5, that should give an indication of what five wickets is worth.

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