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Thread: Is Jonty Rhodes the best fielder International Cricket has seen ?

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    they're all spinners though right?
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    Ponting, Clarke, Symonds, Chris Harris, Guptill and Collingwood all up there imo.
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    Jeets doesn't really deserve to be bowling.
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    Well yeah Tendy is probably better than Bradman, but Bradman was 70 years ago, if he grew up in the modern era he'd still easily be the best. Though he wasn't, can understand the argument for Tendy even though I don't agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robelinda View Post
    Ponting for me is the best ever, Jonty just was no match for Punter in terms of hitting the stumps. Jonty was amazing at stopping balls, but Punter would get you more wickets with run outs and freakish catches in ANY position, in any format of the game.
    I remember that video of yours with every runout Ponting had affected in international cricket. Best. Video. Ever.

    Any chance of an updated version? He might have made a few more after you uploaded that...
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    Wow baby, that gave me an orgasmic pleasure!

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    I thought Harper the best but not much in it. Perhaps JR did not hit the stumps enough. Never saw Colin Bland but he must have been something special as I have seen some all time XIs include him just for his fielding
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