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Thread: West indies-A tour of India!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JontyPanesar View Post
    It's hard to deduce the quality of Indian bowling given that we can't see how the pitch is playing, but I really want Zak and Ishwar to do well. India desperately need it
    Four for Zaheer which may or may not find him back in the Test side. I think that even at his worst, he is a better option than Ishant. Pandey with just two in the match but he did well in the games against South Africa showing that those conditions might suit him nicely.
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    All of the comeback gang, with the exception of Sehwag, have had good figures, but mostly inflated by this match, and they only played two. They will, however, need to play a few more domestic games to get right back in the running. Nayar's figures, though, may need a second look. He's bowled a little less than Zaheer, but has finished with respectable figures over the series, and has kept his batting form going. May be unlucky to miss out on an India cap, although weak bowling won't help his cause.
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    Agreed. I want to see above-average performances from Zak in Ranji. I'm not going to say an average because we don't know what kind of pitches he'll be served up in Ranji, but he needs to show that he can perform with consistency at a high level

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