The problematic decision review system will go under the microscope at a meeting of cricket nations in Dubai next week.

Australia and England are leading the push for a comprehensive review of the system that hijacked the Ashes, though both countries still support the use of technology in umpiring decisions.

An International Cricket Council spokesman confirmed the DRS was on the agenda for a meeting of chief executives of member countries on Monday and Tuesday next week.

''There will be a review of the DRS during the Ashes and discussion on how to deliver the best umpiring system using technology,'' an ICC spokesman confirmed.

It's unclear whether this process will be complete before the return Ashes, which begins in Brisbane on November 21.

The starting point for the review is that the technology that underpins the system was conceived by broadcasters for entertainment rather than as a tailor-made tool for umpires.

One idea that has been floated to improve the system is that teams would not lose one of their reviews if a leg-before-wicket appeal is turned down on the basis of the ''umpire's call'', and that is expected to form part of the discussion.

But the broader intention is to develop a system that can be accepted and afforded in all series.

At present, the ICC relies on the host TV broadcaster for footage and the quality of the production varies around the world. India refuses to use the DRS at all and felt vindicated when the Ashes was marred by controversy and confusion due to the technology and its application by the umpires.

Former England captain and Sky commentator Mike Atherton even suggested Hot Spot be dumped from the DRS because umpires and players had lost faith in the thermal imaging machine's accuracy in detecting fine edges.

Before that, CA lodged an official complaint about a howler that condemned Usman Khawaja at Old Trafford, when the television umpire failed to overturn his dismissal despite clear evidence that he had not edged the ball.

The ICC later sent operations manager Geoff Allardice to England to provide both teams with some reassurance amid the confusion.

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