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Thread: Tech hassles with espncricinfo?

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    Tech hassles with espncricinfo?

    Lately I've found that when I'm browsing the www everything will work fine til I open cricinfo. It seems to freeze all the tabs I have open. I have to shut down Safari and re-open all the pages I had open. Doesn't always happen, but it does sometimes. I don't have this hassle with any other websites. Is it just me?

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    I think it might be because of the video thingy they got on the home page
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    Yeah, nothing loads from the Cricinfo website on my work PCs - just a blank pale blue screen. My home PCs are fine though.

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    they were hacked by teamps!
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    Probably something to do with cricinfo's Flash content - I find Chrome crashes every so often because of it, especially if I'm ********* cricket in another window as well.

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