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Thread: Ten Thousand Wickets, But Only Ten Tests

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    Ten Thousand Wickets, But Only Ten Tests

    Ten Thousand Wickets, But Only Ten Tests
    Today a few hundred First Class wickets will get a spin bowler a good run in his national team, but it hasn't always been like that.

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    Excellent article about some little known players. Brilliant as always Fred.
    ATG Test XI
    1. J.B Hobbs 2. H. Sutcliffe 3. D.G Bradman 4. S.R Tendulkar 5. W.R Hammond 6. G.S Sobers 7. A.C Gilchrist 8. M.J Procter 9. M.D Marshall 10. S.K Warne 11. G.D McGrath

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    I saw the article title and I thought that this has to include Charlie Parker but it won't. Very happy to say that I was wrong and pleasantly surprised.
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