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Thread: Zimbabwe All-Time Test XI - Open Voting

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    Quote Originally Posted by NUFAN View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    Haha thanks for that. I had legitimately forgot about this. Will post up the next choices thing later today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by watson View Post
    I'm going to stick my nose in for the first time (just because it's mildly annoying ) and go for Taibu with the assumption that he is a pretty good keeper. I'm trusting PEWS opinion here.

    In order to be competive during an ATG Test match.....

    1. ....Andy Flower needs to score centuries in both innings, and he can't do that while needing a good lay down after keeping wicket for the best part of 2 days.
    2. ....the Zimbabwe bowling attack needs all the help it can get. It would be a shame if Flower drops a difficult catch off Bradman when he is on only 3. Yet Taibu takes similar catches in Domestic cricket as a matter of routine.
    3. allrounder like Keith Miller or Mike Procter will need to be drafted into the No.7 spot should Flower take the gloves. Unfortunately, this is isn't going to happen so Taibu might as well occupy the spot.
    4. ....Taibu needs to keep his 'head'. Who knows, we could be pleasently surprised, so let's give be optimistic and give him a go.
    Well, Poctor represented Rhodesia for a long time. He wasn't born there and repped SA but given modern rules he prob could have qualified for Zim.
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