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Thread: Farewell Mike Denness

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    Farewell Mike Denness

    Farewell Mike Denness

    After the sad loss of Tony Greig at the end of December the game has now lost his predecessor as England captain as well. In this feature Martin pays tribute to Mike Denness.

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    It was really nice of him to take your call as recently as he did. And being a captain who dropped himself is a really admirable thing. Compare it to this guy:

    Maharajah of Vizianagram

    Maharajah of Vizianagram
    A man who not only used his immense wealth to patronise the game but to fuel his rather self-delusional ambition to play it at the highest level. He built a ground inside his palace and paid for the top cricketers to play there, but his bitter rival, the Maharaja of Patiala, matched money with ability. In 1932 Vizzy bankrolled the Indian tour of England and that gained him a place as vice-captain but he withdrew. Four years later his investment paid off and he was named captain for the second England trip. It was disastrous. His ego knew no bounds and he sent home Lala Amarnath on disciplinary grounds and fell out with many other players. He did make 600 runs in the summer, but often he presented opposing captains with lavish gifts and in return was fed a diet of long hops and full-tosses. In the three Tests, against less generous opponents, he made 33 runs at 8.25. Lambasted on his return home, he withdrew from the game before returning as a commentator, earning a reputation for pomposity and dullness.
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