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Thread: Champions league t20 structure.

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    Champions league t20 structure.

    No English sides.tension between India and Pakistan may mean no Pakistan team.(tensions stopped Pakistani's involvement in IPL this year).

    I gather this will mean 1/2 more ipl sides(i am serious),maybe the 5th or 6th side might have to qualify.
    Maybe 3 sides from S africa and Australia,not likely tho,India likes to keep the balance their way(idea was raised previously but the BCCI said no).
    .I gather the BCCI is pissed since an Aussie side won again.(Even tho it was in S Africa).

    Maybe 2 Windies teams,a Bangladeshi side(5 overseas pros in BPL,which BCCI might complain about).,lastly Zimbabwe,not likely,non competitive, overseas pros are 2nd xl county cricket standard.(not 2nd division).

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    Kick out the IPL teams and fit in two Ranji/SMAT teams with all the national players applicable. Re-schedule the event so that England can send teams.
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    Could be resecheduled for October,but BCCI want it in September.
    Will be a schomozzle if not changed,no Pakistan no England,we mays well call it the Aussie-India-S Africa championship.

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    At least the WI team doesn't need to qualify but NZ and SL are shafted once again.

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