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Thread: A Question For Indians

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    A Question For Indians

    I live in Malaysia where approx 10% and 2.5 million of the pop are Indian Malaysian.

    There is very little interest in cricket in this large group of people. I assume that it is because their families have been here for close to 200 years and they are still relatively disadvantaged people. That makes sense to me. They came to Malaysia before cricket spread internationally and, while ethnically Indian, they are culturally removed.

    An Indian teammate of mine brought the fact that they are Tamil speakers into the equation. I don't know what that means. Were Tamil speakers from Southern India historically less inclined towards cricket until recently?
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    Similiar situation in Singapore. The Tamil population here don't play cricket at all. Most don't even know how it's played in fact. I guess cricket still wasn't a huge thing in India when they migrated over, so they didn't bring the game along with them.
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    No. Malaysian and Singaporean Tamils, as opposed to Indian or uk/USA based Tamils, are not from the upper caste, English speaking, well to do communities. Their ancestors were under privileged, marginalised and suppressed in their native land and they left for these nations for better life. Tamil speaking people of India living in big cities like erstwhile madras were always interested in learning English, and British, especially those from upper class communities with family wealth to take care of their needs. They were big patrons of the game since late 1900s.

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    Not all them just went looking for better pastures but majority where shipped by the British to work in plantations similar to the Trini and the Guyanese Indians..

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    One feels your gag would have worked better with a photo of Tatanka.

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    Well I was going to post pictures of the entire line up of the 1948 World Series winning Cleveland Indians but there was a limit on how many images I could put in the one post.

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