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Thread: **Official** Indian Premier League 2013

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    Ridiculous numbers from Gayle. Hard to believe anyone could score so many runs that quickly.
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    #408. Sixty three not out forever.

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    Wavell Hinds tweeted to say he wasn't surprised as he played a T20 trial game with Gayle where he scored 198... and got out in the 15th over.

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    Carrying on his Sydney Thunder form I see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongHopCassidy View Post
    Carrying on his Sydney Thunder form I see.
    He is always in-form for T20's..
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    Quote Originally Posted by NasserFan207 View Post
    Luke Wright WAG

    Feel bad for Finch. Its tough as a captain to be angry with your bowlers when you bowl an over for 29
    Genuinely the only person in the world that rates Aaron Finch's bowling is Aaron Finch.

    In a recent Aus A series against the British Lions or whatever they're called, Finch bowled himself out despite having a number of specialty bowlers who only bowled a handful of overs and the game never being in doubt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    wait did Dhawan just get hit in the nuts and then retire?

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    Yep, came out to bat again at the end.
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    Dhoni really is a special finisher. It just seems like if he's "in", that no target is really beyond him.

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    Get well soon Yuvi!!

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    Adam Gilchrist has jumped the shark

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    imagine the buzz when someone introduces india to the black armband

    i mean whenever i grow a moustache i get called a rapist ffs
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    When do we start referring to Darren Sammy as the 'Great' Darren Sammy. Must be coming soon enough.

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