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Thread: Jesse Ryder Seriously Injured during attack at Christchurch bar

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    Jesse Ryder Seriously Injured during attack at Christchurch bar

    Details just coming in now, more to posted soon.

    Too early to speculate......

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    Cricketer Jesse Ryder is in Christchurch Hospital after being beaten up at a bar last night.

    Jesse Ryder In Critical Condition In Hospital |

    Ryder is understood to have a fractured skull and be in a critical condition after the incident in Papanui Rd shortly after midnight.

    Police are expected to hold a press conference soon.

    He was due to fly out tomorrow to start his $300,000 contract in the Indian Premier League.

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    Fractured skull?!
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    Sounds serious.
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    "Cricketer Jesse Ryder is in Christchurch Hospital after being beaten up outside a fast food outlet last night.

    Ryder is understood to be in intensive care with a fractured skull. "

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    What the hell happened? Dear God.. Hope he pulls through ok
    We miss you, Fardin. :(. RIP.
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    This just sounds totally ****ed. Like how does this even happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackFootPunch View Post
    This just sounds totally ****ed. Like how does this even happen?
    It's Christchurch. There is a lot of anger in the village of the damned...

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    F**cking pricks.

    Lets hope he can make a full recovery (Thats his IPL contract gone..)

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    New Zealand doom and gloom thread
    ****ing hell. **** the IPL contact. Just hope he's alright and gets better.

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    ****. Hope he recovers completely. This is bad.

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    Thoughts and prayers with the big bloke and his family. Terrible news.
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    Just seen this on the Herald website. Horrible news. All the best for your recovery champ.

    FTR here's a bit more from the Herald, with a bit of scummy victim blaming for good measure. You can't put this in the same bucket as his other incidents yet ffs.

    Controversial cricketer Jesse Ryder is in Christchurch Hospital with a fractured skull after being attacked last night.

    Police confirmed that the incident in Christchurch involved Ryder and it took place in a bar in Merivale in the early hours of this morning.

    Fairfax Media reported Ryder, 28, was in intensive care. understands three other men were involved in the fight with Ryder, and that he was hit from behind.

    Ryder's family is flying to be by their son's bedside, Newstalk ZB reported.

    New Zealand cricket has not issued a statement, but they tweeted: "The whole NZC team's thoughts are with @DijaRyder this morning."

    His manager Aaron Klee wrote on Twitter: "Thanks for the calls and msgs of support for Jesse. Just heading to Chch to see him."

    Black Cap Ross Taylor also tweeted: "Thinking of you mate @DijaRyder."

    Ryder, who hasn't played for the Black Caps since early last year, was in Christchurch playing for Wellington in the major preliminary final against Canterbury at Hagley Oval yesterday.

    This isn't the first incident of this kind for Ryder, whose indiscretions have been widely publicised.

    In February 2008, Ryder cut his hand trying to break into a toilet at a Christchurch bar at 5.30am the day after New Zealand won a One Day International series against England.

    The following January, he failed to turn up for team training after getting drunk in Wellington following an ODI against the West Indies in Wellington.

    Later that year, Ryder whacked a chair with his bat after being dismissed and was fined 15 per cent of his match fee. When he was chastised by team manager Dave Currie, Ryder reacted with a tirade of abuse.

    In July 2010, Ryder was charged with serious misconduct over being drunk and disorderly during an indoor cricket competition in Christchurch.

    He was then axed from the third one-day international in Auckland in March last year after he became involved in a verbal altercation with patrons at a Napier bar.

    Ryder last played for the Black Caps in an ODI against South Africa in Napier last February.

    The left-hander is on a self-imposed exile from the New Zealand side in a bid to get his personal issues in order.
    Jesse Ryder bashed in Christchurch attack - Sport - NZ Herald News
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    Crikey that is terrible. Pray for good news soon and he is ok.

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