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Thread: Jesse Ryder Seriously Injured during attack at Christchurch bar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudge View Post
    It's Christchurch. There is a lot of anger in the village of the damned...
    My family (and friends of) drove around NZ in a van when I was 16. We got into Christchurch late one arvo and a concert was playing in a park. We took a turn down a street and saw 2 guys about to beat each other up. Their mates were about to follow up. Down went the accelerator and we POQ.

    Later that night we checked into a hotel. Strange night. From my pillow I looked out the window at the pitch black. Couldn't see a thing. Or hear anything either. Not one noise. Quiet as a hermit's cave. Had a good sleep though. The town has kind of reminded me of a game of EPL soccer ever since. Violent and boring.

    Seriously terrible news about Ryder. Hope he pulls through.

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    Whats induced coma? How does it differ from a coma?
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    For an induced coma the doctors put you in a coma on purpose to control your condition or some ****.

    Normal comas aren't planned. You just whack your head or something and you shut down.
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    I need u like Henry Nicholls needs batting school
    He was terrible in that series
    I need u like Ross Taylor needed to be fit
    He's way better than Henry Nicholls
    And now all I can think about is your smile
    and that ****** test series too
    Losing to Australia sucked and I miss you
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    the line
    It reduces bodily functions to their absolute bare minimum which in turn reduces the rate at which permanent brain damage develops. In short, serious ****.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Days of Grace View Post
    Of course, we don't know the full extent of the injuries, but how long does it usually take to recover from a fractured skull and collapsed lung?

    Six to twelve months?
    No more marathon running or diving for him but other than that, I think he can recover from the collapsed lung in not too long. Might be talking out of my arse of course, so feel free to correct me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manee View Post
    No more marathon running or diving for him but other than that, I think he can recover from the collapsed lung in not too long. Might be talking out of my arse of course, so feel free to correct me.
    Well Davy Russell had a collapsed lung at Cheltenham, had it checked and rode the next day then after 2 races went back to hospital. Back riding a week later though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manee View Post
    No more marathon running or diving for him but other than that, I think he can recover from the collapsed lung in not too long. Might be talking out of my arse of course, so feel free to correct me.
    You are right. My dad had a collapsed lung after his bypass surgery. It took him only 20 days or so to recover to his earlier normal self. Collapsed lung isn't life-threatening from what I know. People can live for weeks on artificial breathing systems.

    Fractured skull is worrying in Ryder's case. I hope his brain isn't ****ed in any way.

    One feels for the big man
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    Thanks for sharing
    Get well soon Yuvi!!

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    Feel sorry for this big man.. Hope he recovers soon!

    Long Live Test Cricket

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    Quote Originally Posted by M0rphin3 View Post
    Sprry to derail the thread, but Pakistan @ last position? Hardly makes sense tbh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kippax View Post
    what a disgusting trashy family.

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    One arrest so far - another one in the pipeline. Police have confirmed.

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    Reports saying a 20 year old man has been arrested in relation to the assault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    Heath worryingly quick.
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    Good news, why they didn't just hand themselves in is beyond me. Just making it worse for themselves.

    You can bet the media is going to have a field day with them.

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    I was sorry to hear about this

    Get well soon, big fella
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