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Thread: The Giant

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    The Giant

    So we have all now seen Irfan in a few matches against RSA and India. What do people think about him (Tests and ODIs)?
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    Yeah, look, it gives me a pain deep inside my uterus to admit it, but it's Ajmal until such time as we get a working throwing law again.
    Never in a million years would I have thought Brumby to admit this!!!!!!

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    Could have just bumped my thread you son of a bitch

    Mohammad Irfan

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    Rather like Mark Twain's death, rumours of Irfan's height have been greatly exaggerated.

    Yeah, he's very tall, but he's more like 6' 8" or 9" rather than 7'+ plus.

    Doesn't make the best use of his still considerable length either, IMHO. Falls away a bit in the delivery stride.
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    I think his action has improved a lot since his debut against England in 2010. He's got good control and bowls at a decent pace while moving it around just enough. He's a real find for Pak. I think his biggest issue may be keeping fit. We always unearth some great bowling talent, how about a few batsmen for once!

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