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Thread: Cricket obituaries

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    Happy New Year everyone. Having spent last couple of years revamping 'Lists of Oldest Cricketers' on wiki, i'm now researching any player 95 or above still living. Behind Norman Gordon (102), the oldest living that appear genuine so far are John Manners and Harold Stapleton. Many more to research though.

    Have located death for cricketer listed as alive (aged 100) on Cricinfo and CricketArchive. BUYSKES Duncan Marquard 1912-1994
    died 31 October 1994, South Africa (aged 82).

    Notice amended middle name. Thanks.

    Cricinfo have now updated. If anyone could assist would be much appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpski View Post
    I don't recall ever seeing one of these on here ... old (and some not so old) cricketers are slipping away all the time, and not all of them are headline stories on Cricinfo, so they can go unnoticed. There've been a few interesting ones this year though:

    Neil McCorkell - the Hampshire batsman celebrated his 100th birthday last year and may be the last surviving pre-war county cricketer, unless someone knows better;

    Sammy Guillen - the only man to have played Test cricket for West Indies and New Zealand, sounds like a bit of a character;

    Peter van der Merwe - South African captain of the mid-60s and later a Test referee. Officiated in Zimbabwe's first Test and also the England - NZ series of 1999 when England, having fallen at the first hurdle in the World Cup, lost to the Kiwis and fell to the bottom of the Test rankings.

    Brian Langford - Somerset off-spinner and captain. Returned unrepeatable figures of 8-8-0-0 in an early Sunday league game.

    I will add more names if and when I remember.
    Sad to read about the memories of these players being snubbed by CSA (Peter van der Merwe and Neil Adcock) for reasons of political correctness.
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