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Thread: Ian Butler

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    Bowled a good over today.

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    Got a little penisy too.

    No objections to bowlers giving the batsmen a little verbals but when you do it after being collared properly it does make you look a bit of an arsehole.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
    He is not international standard and will get found out in this tour if he plays enough games.

    If he plays the ODIs then in at least one game he will go for more than 70.
    He's not in the ODI squad, so barring a string of injuries, he won't get another game on tour.

    IMO, he is international quality. He managed to take 24 wickets in 8 tests when he was young, stupid and trying to bowl at a million miles an hour. He is now a FAR superior bowler (and batsman) than he was then, but will probably never play in another test.
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    He probably will play the Queenstown warm-up match, being the leading wicket-taker that isn't Arnel.

    13 guys got a run last year vs. Zimbabwe in a similar game, and he's outperformed C Martin both in stats and to the eye. Gillespie has chips to cash in from last summer but he's not beating domestix for pace like he was before those tests. Mills, don't think they'll go there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kippax View Post
    Was this posted to prove me right or prove me wrong? Looks much the same to me and his normal pace is maybe a yard slower at worst- speaks more to him just being older and having a more broken-down body as opposed to any great change in method.

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    Just to have a look, but no I agree, it did back you up.

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