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Thread: Geoff Armstrong- The 100 Greatest Cricketers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikki View Post
    No, you don't always revive something that is necessarily dead or extinct. Moreover, none of those spinners can hold Warne's jock-strap.

    The point of the compliment to Warne is that the world had become very pace-orientated. The Windies with their all pace attacks became the standard and almost every team in the world had an ATG pacer in the era directly prior. Spin was no longer on the same pedestal. It took someone like Warne to really put it back on par or for teams to think that they must have a spinner for the sake of balance.

    Every time you bring this stupid retort this has to be explained to you. You might not agree with the sentiment, but don't act like people pulled it from their arse.
    Come on, Ikki, look at the evidence.

    West Indies: Hasn't had a good spinner since Gibbs, and Warne didn't seem to have had an effect. Nor have they looked like they want a spinner.

    India: Always had a vibrant and rich heritage of spin bowling, which has always been taken as our main weapon.

    Pakistan: Qadir and Mushtaq Ahmed were already operating there in the 80s and 90s, and the tradition there was vibrant as well.

    Sri Lanka: I cannot say for sure, but Somachandra De Silva was there, plus they too have historically depended on their spin attacks more than their pace attack, so they, like the two above, knew the importance of having spin in the attack. If anything, India and Sri Lanka always wanted better pacers.

    South Africa: Since Tayfield, they have never been blessed with a good spinner. If the importance of having a spinner increased in South African eyes after the emergence of Warne, then I wouldn't know. Do you know for sure?

    New Zealand: Same as SA.

    We are left with England and Australia, where what you say is almost definitely true for England, and definitely for Australia.

    Do you think that something which most probably happened only in England and Australia can/should be taken to represent the world of cricket at large?
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