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Thread: Ambidextrous bowling

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    Ambidextrous bowling

    Hashan Tillekaratne was known for his batting, wicket keeping and quick silver short-leg fielding. But he could bowl with both arms.

    Bowling right arm and left arm in the same over - very very rare - YouTube
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    Did not Hanif Mohammad bowl with both arms?

    Though not in the same over - that is remarkable!

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    Be more noteworthy if it were in a proper match situation.
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    Is a bowler supposed to inform the batsman if he is switching hands?
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    While not exactly bowling with both hands, a similar and hilarious tale I've heard of involves the identical Bedser twins in a charity game during WWII. Alec Bedser (a medium fast bowler) bowled the first 3 balls of the over to an ex international batsman who was getting on a bit (can't remember who off the top of my head) who hit him for three consecutive fours. Alec's identical twin brother Eric (an off spinning all rounder) was fielding at mid off and switched places with his brother without anyone noticing and bowling three dot balls to finish the over causing the batsman to coment "That guy Bedser's got a good change of pace".

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    I think I read or heard somewhere that Ian Harvey could bowl with almost equal facility with both hands and rejoiced in the nickname "Freak" because of this.

    Although that does sound the kinda handle that might have more sordid derivations too, tbf.
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    Played cricket with a bloke who used to open the bowling with right arm medium pace and then come back on later to bowl left arm orthodox spin. Always found that amusing. His left arm spin was genuinely so much better than his right arm spin which he never bowled in matches and he couldn't bowl left arm pace at all.
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    Have known a few people who bowl with one hand and throw with the other. Could probably send down some serviceable bowling with their other hand if they wanted.
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    I write with my left hand and do everything else including bat and bowl with right. Does this count?

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    Mohammed Sanuth bowler from Kerala, India is part of the Koltata Knight Riders setup..bowls off spin and left-arm watch-out for him in IPL...

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    Would be very interesting if at some point, we have a player who is a world class bowler, with both hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    Played cricket with a bloke who used to open the bowling with right arm medium pace and then come back on later to bowl left arm orthodox spin. Always found that amusing. His left arm spin was genuinely so much better than his right arm spin which he never bowled in matches and he couldn't bowl left arm pace at all.
    Weird, I was the same except my right arm offies were my bread and butter as I was the only spinner in the side. I bowled right arm pace and left or right arm offies and took wickets bowling all forms. I couldn't bowl left arm pace, would only bat and throw right handed although I play golf and shoot left handed. I'm all over the place

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    A bloke in our side was a NSW U/17 right arm opening bowler alongside Cracker Holdsworth. He recently tore his bicep batting (continued his innings left-handed), and has been told it's probably best if he doesn't bowl any more.

    Never wanting to be left out, he's spent the recovery period teaching himself to bowl left arm orthodox spin. We haven't called upon it yet, but he's probably more than handy with it. May well try his hand at the chinamen as well.

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    I am predominantly a right-arm leggie - or was, at least, as I can't be bothered playing any more but I have bowled a few left-arm orthodox and/or chinaman deliveries over the years, although only in casual games. I also do an outstanding Paul Adams impersonation...

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