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Thread: Ambidextrous bowling

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    I can bowl Right arm LS/OS/Medium and Left arm Spin. Can throw with both the arms with same power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    Played cricket with a bloke who used to open the bowling with right arm medium pace and then come back on later to bowl left arm orthodox spin. Always found that amusing. His left arm spin was genuinely so much better than his right arm spin which he never bowled in matches and he couldn't bowl left arm pace at all.
    That's crazy.

    Good find with that clip too, Migara.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rvd619323 View Post
    A bloke in our side was a NSW U/17 right arm opening bowler alongside Cracker Holdsworth. He recently tore his bicep batting (continued his innings left-handed), and has been told it's probably best if he doesn't bowl any more.

    Never wanting to be left out, he's spent the recovery period teaching himself to bowl left arm orthodox spin. We haven't called upon it yet, but he's probably more than handy with it. May well try his hand at the chinamen as well.
    Who is this mystery man? I used to play against Cracker at school. Did the bloke go to East Hills as well?

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    ...what about Trevor Barsby's daughter?

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    Wasn't there a lad who did this at the U19 World Cup a few years ago? Probably disappeared from the game, as so many of them do.

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    I remember a game where Mills wore glasses and tried to emulate Vettori. I reckon he bowled left arm spin for one over and actually did a decent imitation of Vettori's action. It was an all-star charity game of some sort.
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