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Thread: why do nz keep patel and franklin in test team?

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    why do nz keep patel and franklin in test team?

    why do nz keep these 2 useless cricketers in the test team! patel has been in the test team on and off for years and so he should be the guy does nothing! he has no variety at all and the guy could not turn the ball if his life depended on it, he has a bad bowling average in first class cricket so why keep giving him chances! and james franklin has done nothing either, his bowling speed is around 115 at times and the guy doesnt swing the ball at all and his batting is even worse all he does is block all day!

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    Answer is pretty simple. Lack of talent in NZ cricket. Beggars can't be choosers.

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    Because New Zealand is good at cricket.

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    i would love for this guy to actually be a spambot
    Indians can't bowl - Where has the rumour come from as I myself and many indian friends arwe competent fast bowlers ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    Wellington will win the whole thing next year. Mark my words.
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    I'll offer up my avatar to Athlai forever if Wellington wins the Champions League.
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