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Thread: Handbags at Twenty Two Yards

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    Handbags at Twenty Two Yards

    Handbags at Twenty Two Yards

    It is a sobering thought that it is now more than 30 years since it happened. In this feature Martin looks back at Dennis Lillee's infamous spat with Javed Miandad

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    A(nother) great piece, fred.

    The background to the incident is fascinating; I for one was unaware of the bad blood that existed between the two teams that lead to the iconic "bat raised as if to strike" picture.
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    Brilliant read about two great individuals. Good to see that they both had the best of compliments for each other after retirement.

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    Loved it as usual fred. I know Cricinfo did a similar article on the incident, but the historical context you provided makes this the better read.

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    nice read fred.
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