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Thread: ***Official*** England in New Zealand series 2013

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    Brilliant from Prior. What a champion.

    Good effort from New Zealand, but ultimately didn't quite have the class & threw away a couple of opportunities.

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    Gone too soon
    Hats off to Matt. World's #1 without any doubt.

    Hardlines NZ. Clearly had the better of the series.
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    Absolutely gutted. Credit to Prior, though **** me he had some luck.

    Heart has been racing for the last 15 minutes. Not a good thing at 5.15am.

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    New Zealand doom and gloom thread
    oh ffs. Can't believe I didn't skip work for this. Bloody hell :-(

    Congrats England. Feel for Boult though. WAFG.
    Quote Originally Posted by mudrunner View Post
    give 21yo smith a break. bradmans figures for his first few tests were comparable.....

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    Now to decide what to do with my sleep patterns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by _Ed_ View Post
    Yeah, well done Prior.

    Should McCullum have declared earlier?
    Nah, just needed to take all our chances.

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    International Debutant Dissector's Avatar
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    England have pulled off a draw with 9 wickets three times in the last few years which is insane. I think it's only happened a total of 6-7 times in all of cricket history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup View Post
    Now to decide what to do with my sleep patterns.
    No way you can sleep straight after that.

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    State Captain Quaggas's Avatar
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    Well, that was unexpected. Well done England and Prior.

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    Cricketer Of The Year ajdude's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dissector View Post
    England have pulled off a draw with 9 wickets three times in the last few years which is insane. I think it's only happened a total of 6-7 times in all of cricket history.
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    and this

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    International Regular ohnoitsyou's Avatar
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    oh well , but Kane bowling so well is a huge bonus, definitely looking forward to an attack of Williamson, Southee,Boult, Bracewell, Wagner/ other **** in the future.

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    International 12th Man BackFootPunch's Avatar
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    Hell of a series. Well played to all. Prior, Boult and Fulton truly magnificent this game.

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    Just give it a little tappy, a little tap tap-aroo.
    So unsatisfying being an NZ cricket fan at times. Almost is a word that comes up quite often. Quality test cricket though. That'd be one of the most entertaining test matches I've ever watched.

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend flibbertyjibber's Avatar
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    What a test match, bloody marvellous from Bell, Broad and most of all Prior but you feel for the NZ players who gave it everything. Considering the games were played on 3 roads it was a thrilling drawn series really despite the weather.

    We got out of jail here but not complaining just hope this is the start of better things for NZ long term.

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    Can't think of another cricketer who has flat-out improved as much as Prior over the past few years. That's a wonderful knock under pressure.
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