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Thread: CW Random Player Auction Draft Thread

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    Anyone mind if I set up a voting thread??
    The figures Sir Home Hordon has shown me of what Grace did in matches against me, 37 innings, 1042 runs, 28.16 average, considerably less than his general average, hears out my theory that I never had any particular difficulty in getting him out. I clean bowled him seven times, ACM Croome says that WG told him that on any wicket he never knew when I should bowl him. This may have been due in part to my artfulness......
    Fred Spofforth, 'The Demon Speaks'

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    yes, I do mind
    And smalishah's avatar is the most classy one by far Jan certainly echoes the sentiments of CW

    Yeah we don't crap in the first world; most of us would actually have no idea what that was emanating from Ajmal's backside. Why isn't it roses and rainbows like what happens here? PEWS's retort to Ganeshran on Daemon's picture depicting Ajmal's excreta

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    Quote Originally Posted by smalishah84 View Post
    yes, I do mind

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