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Thread: Ashley Mallett on Australia's Spinners

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    Ashley Mallett on Australia's Spinners

    A really good read I thought, speaks a lot of sense.

    History lesson for Lyon
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    Good read that.

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    I would have this guy working with Lyon asap.I agree Lyon has the potential to be a world class performer.Some fans are talking about finding a long term option, I reckon we have already found one and he"s Lyon.

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    Yeah, good article. Always enjoy reading Mallett.
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    Its amazing how many former Australian cricketers turn out such good writers on the game. From Noble, to Fingleton, O'Reilly, Mallett etc there is an impressive line of insightful writers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mallett
    Incidentally, I've never seen anyone actually ''bowl'' a doosra.
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    Mallett's a good egg. Should be more involved at SACA but I believe he and Flipper had a blow-up years ago.

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